Just the Facts: Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing studies show that sending unique and relevant messages to smaller, more precise segments of your target audience not only will show a higher response rate it will also decrease your overall marketing costs by reducing the number of messages that need to be sent out.  Qualifying and segmenting people on your mailing list before sending a message to them can boost your campaign’s overall revenue, in fact, a Vertus Communication study showed that personalized mail can increase your ROI by 38 percent (when compared to generic marketing messages sent out to larger portions of a brand’s target market.)

Additionally, 60 percent of people in a Camgemini study reported that they prefer and will more likely read personalized messages.  By personalized we mean more than just a person’s name.  The message itself needs to be geared towards a persons needs and interests based on past purchases, demographics and psychographics.

Approximately 70 percent of marketers feel that personalized messages have a positive effect on their overall return and response rates to a particular campaign.  Furthermore, 75 percent of marketers feel it ‘at least’ increases the engagement between a brand and its target audience.

Personalization can also make it easier for your recipient to respond to a message.  When you include a personalized URL or even a personalized QR code within your printed message, your recipient has an easy way to respond — and with the face-paced and hectic life-styles most of today’s consumers are living, fast and easy is one of the only ways they’ll take the time to respond and engage with your brand.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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