Just the Facts: Print is Powerful

Print can be targeted, interactive and extremely measurable — all qualities that have helped to make print the marketing powerhouse it has evolved into today.  Today print messages such as direct mail can break through the clutter of digital messages sent by brands to their core audiences.  Approximately, 85 percent of direct mail pieces are at least skimmed by the recipients, furthermore, personalized messages have an even better chance of being read and responded to by recipients.

In addition to the high read rate, print mail also has a higher consumer recall rate than digital messages.  Studies have found that because the human brain has a more difficult time reading information on a digital screen, it’s harder for a person to remember the particular message, whereas with print a customer is more likely to be able to remember and recall not only the message, but which brand sent them the message too.

In an Appleton Coated ROI study it was shown that approximately 25 percent of people keep their print and direct mail pieces for four additional weeks after they receive the printed message.  It was also shown the 83 percent of people find the fact that printed messages can be saved and or displayed in the homes one of the main benefits of print marketing.

Finally, according to iProspect, 67 percent of online searches stem from offline message — which has risen from a previous 2012 study.

Print is powerful, effective and brings your brand measurable results — how are you using print?

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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