Just the Facts: QR Codes

Interactive print tools such as QR codes not only help to increase consumer engagement, but they also enable brands to more accurately and easily measure their printed material’s communication success.  Today, we’re going to share a few interesting facts regarding the 2D barcodes.

In 2012, two-thirds of QR code scans came from women and over one forth of the scanners were between the ages of 35 and 44 years of age.  While Japan has the higher number of people who scan QR codes, the United States has an increasing number of scanners and is the country with the second-largest QR code scanner population.

It matters which type of phone your users have — Blackberry users only have about 4 percent of their users using an application to scan the codes, while over 60 percent of iPhone users have scanned or regularly scan a QR code to get more information.  Overall QR code scans have increased by 1200 percent since the end of 2011.

The top reason for consumers to scan a code is to receive or redeem a special offer or discount — followed closely by wanting additional product or service information.  According to a 2012 StrongMail survey, 49 percent of mobile website visit are referred to by QR code scans.

Finally, an issue many marketers associate with QR codes is that they believe that the codes cannot be ascetically designed — when, in fact, QR codes have the ability to be customized — many brands embedding their logo within the 2D barcodes for further branding.

How are you using interactive print in your marketing mix?

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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