More Facts about Print

84 percent of people surveyed in a survey indicated they felt a mailed document was a more reliable way to leave a lasting impression on an individual when compared to a digital message.  The print and paper industry hold a very important role in your marketing campaign’s success, but how environmentally friendly is the industry?  

Considering that the print and paper industry replace every tree cut with three new trees and only 11 percent of trees harvested are used to produce paper – we would say the industry is very environmentally conscious.

Want More Statistics?

  • In 2010, 63.5 percent of paper manufactured in the U.S. was collected for recycling.
  • Essentially paper is simply a product of sunlight, soil and water.
  • Paper is a renewable resource.
  • According to Paper Because, “By planting new seedlings, we help rid the atmosphere of carbon dioxide.  As young trees grow, they help absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.”
  • By 2020, mobile phones, data centers, computers and telecommunication centers will have the largest greenhouse gas emissions.

Print is not just a powerful form of marketing; print is environmentally conscious and will continue to make strides in maintaining its ability to ultimately ‘be green.’



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