Print & Digital Work Together to Grow Your Brand

Print marketing is an essential piece in the cross media marketing puzzle. Print has the ability to communicate personalized messages through the use of databases and variable data printing, it can be geographically targeted and breaks through the digital clutter. Additionally, technologies such as pURLs and QR codes enable print to continue to prove to be a linchpin in the marketing mix.

As digital technologies grow and become mainstream in the marketing mix, the print and paper industry evolves with it.  Digital marketing is not going to replace print messages, rather, digital and print work together to create highly targeted, engaging and successful cross media marketing campaigns.

Studies show that printed messages have a high read rate and digital message have a high engagement rate – making the two media outlets perfect partners – print gains your audiences’ attention and digital continues to engage them with your brand’s message.

Furthermore, print is a credible source of information.  Multiple studies show that more people will believe printed messages before they will trust online or digital messages.  Digital media is a fast and easy way to communicate – but that also means it’s easier for false information and brand offers to be spread, making it a less trustworthy form of communication.

There is one more element of print that the digital medium may never be able to replace – tangibility.  The tangibility of print makes your message harder to be ignored by your target audience.  Between direct mailing, brochures and printed posters, these communications methods all have the ability to be touched and held in the recipient’s hands.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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