Print is Green

Print continues to prove its value within a brand’s marketing mix with statistics showing that 60 percent of brand searches stem from printed messages and over 60 percent of people claiming to prefer print to other forms of digital communication.  Additionally, with the growth of Quick Response code success, print and digital media, now, more than ever, work seamlessly together to grow awareness and consumer response.

But one of the popular questions to ask regarding print is, “Is it Green?”  The simple and short answer?  Yes.

From the increase in efficiency of forest management and tree farms to over 66 percent of the energy used in the production of paper and printed materials being from recycled energy, print is not only environmentally conscious, but every day the industry continues to strive toward environmental excellence.

The majority of paper comes from trees that are either planted as a crop on tree farms — where for every one tree harvested, three are planted in its place or the trees used come from managed forests.  According to an Ohio State Fact Sheet discussing the benefits both financially and environmentally of forest management it was stated that:

“Forest management provides a forest the proper care so that it remains healthy and vigorous and provides the products and the amenities the landowner desires. Forest management is not so much a subject or a science as it is a process. Think of it as the development and execution of a plan integrating all of the principles, practices, and techniques necessary to care properly for the forest.”

Not only does paper comes from a sustainable and renewable resource, but with tree farms and forest management the ecosystem is not disrupted.  Additionally, over two thirds of the energy used to produce paper is recycled energy, while most American industries use only about 10 percent of renewable energy to produce their products.

Finally, from a marketing standpoint, according to Print is Big, 70 percent of direct mail is produced from recycled paper.  According to the American Forest and Paper Association, 55 percent of people recycle their direct mail pieces after they’ve reviewed them.

Print is not only a powerful form of communication, it’s also environmentally friendly.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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