Rolling Stones Video Regarding Tree Farms

Chuck Leavell is the lead pianist for the Rolling Stones and the Allman Brothers, but he’s also an environmentalist and a tree farmer.  In a CNN video clip he explains why tree farms are crucial to the sustainability of our forests, because tree farms, on average, plant three trees for every one tree harvested.

Check out the video from CNN below and how Chuck Leavell is helping not only sustain our nation’s tree coverage, but also reduce the dependency on fossil fuels and other nonrenewable resources.  Without the demand for paper and other products produced from trees, it would not be possible for tree farmers, like Mr. Leavell, to maintain and replant their trees.  Instead, some would be forced to sell the land to developers who would clear the trees to make space for new housing developments and businesses.

The Print and Paper Industry has been generating awareness campaigns about the truth regarding slogans from digital companies such as “Think before you print” and “Save trees, don’t print;” which are falsely used as reasons to use their digital products and services. Paper does not ‘kill’ trees, the industry and its leaders are some of the people who are ensuring that our forest coverage continues to increase over the coming years.

Chuck Leavell’s Tree Farm video from CNN can be viewed by clicking the video below:


Timothy Freeman


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