Tips for QR Codes in the B2B Marketplace

Yesterday, we confirmed that QR codes have a strong influence in the B2B marketplace and can help your brand’s message engage your target audience.  Today, we’re offering a few tips on how to ensure you get the most out of your Quick Response codes.

As a B2B marketer you can use QR codes to distribute information and, also, capture potential client information as well.

One of the simplest places to place a QR code in B2B marketing is on your business card. By doing so, your clients can scan your card’s code and your contact information details will be saved into their phone without them having to type or make an effort to save your information.  In turn, they’ll more likely contact you when a need for your product or services arises, if for no other reason, than the convenience of your contact information already being store in their phone.

Use it on your marketing brochure and print material leave-behinds to direct potential clients to your digital information to download case studies, client testimonials or even a digital sign up page for newsletters or additional information regarding your products and services.

Use QR codes on your direct mail or product packaging to lead to more information or your social media sites so they’ll more likely interact with you via your social pages and you’ll be able to reach them through another marketing outlet.
Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association

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