Update: Paperless 2013 Not Well-Received

Last Friday we shared an article regarding an initiative put on by many digital media companies, including Google.  “Paperless 2013” was released with the intention of “being green in 2013.”  While we are all for being green and conserving energy, a no print year is not the solution.

Today, we have an update on this new “Paperless 2013” campaign.  The results are in and only about one in ten tweets about this campaign are positive.  The reason?  Because print and paper are not the environmental “bad guys.”  In fact, the print and paper industry continue to make technological advances every day that help to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint and even use more recycled materials in the production of printed products.

Companies and organizations that represent the print and paper industry, such as Two Sides and Printing Industries of America, continue to use the environmental facts to combat these digital companies “Paperless” efforts that they title as “green initiatives,” when truthfully, they are primarily marketing campaigns for their brands.

If you want to help stand up for the print and paper industry, join the movement on Twitter using the hashtag #Paperless2013.

To quote the author of “The Takeover of Paperless 2013,”

“If you make false environmental claims about electronic media always being greener than print, expect backlash.”

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association



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