Using Relevant Incentives to Engage Your Audience

Offering your customer an incentive to click-through in an eblast, view your QR code or become a fan or follower on Facebook and Twitter can help to substantially increase your click-through rates.  According to Ad Rants, 42.5 million people enter sweepstakes, contests and participate in promotions every year.  If you’re not involved with incentives, what portion of your target audience may you be missing?

Be sure you’re offering something that your target audience would be interested in.  The incentives could be as simple as discounts or special offers or even free products from your brand.  Based on your brand’s audience, choose an offer that will be most likely to engage your audience.

When offering a promotion there are a lot of ways you can distribute the message.  In a direct mailing you could include a QR code.  The QR code could lead the customer to a sign-up page, more information or your social sites if that is where you choose to promote and allow people to sign-up for your sales incentives.

Another way to distribute the information that also allows you to easily track who responds and clicks through is by using Personalized URLs.  Using PURLs you’ll be able to track exactly who is interested, what they click on and what content they engage with. Finally, you’ll have more information to use to follow-up with that customer regarding their interest in purchasing your products or services.

Including sales promotions in your marketing campaign can be a key way to engage your audience, collect more information about your target audience and build brand awareness throughout your audience.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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