USPS Every Door Direct Mail Offer

The USPS is offering a service called “Every Door Direct Mail”.  The concept of this offer is to relieve the marketer of the stress of purchasing or creating a mailing list and allows a business to target people via their geographic location.

Instead of purchasing a local mailing list, the USPS is offering marketers the ability to pick a geographical location and the USPS will deliver one of your direct mail messages to every door in the area you specified.

The direct mailers are inexpensive as they can run as low as 14.5 cents per piece and all you need to do is supply the mailer – they supply the names and addresses.  Furthermore, you’re able to send out up to 5,000 Every Door Direct Mail pieces a day and the mailers do not require a postage permit.

Every Door Direct Mail offers a few different benefits for marketers to spread their messages to their geographical target audience.   The direct mail pieces reach potential consumers in the area of your company or organization and your message is delivered right into their consumer’s hands.  As a marketer, you have a lot of control over how much or how little you spend on your mailing.  Because of Every Door Direct Mail’s ranges in list size you’re able to pick the amount of recipients and price range that is right for your brand.

Unfortunately, one of the set backs of using Every Door Direct Mail is that you lose some of the ability to be highly personalized.  You can, however, use the location-based mailing to send coupons and record how many people in the area respond to your message and use the coupon in your store or online and, if you choose to include a QR code, you can track how many people in the area scan the code and what the users click on when they visit your brand’s QR code landing page.

For more information on how to include Every Door Direct Mail in your next marketing campaign visit the USPS website.



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