What is the Value of Interactive Print?

Quick Response codes and personalized URLs, or pURLs, are two of the interactive print technologies that can help to bridge the gap between your printed message and your digital communications.  Including QR codes on printed material such as product packages, flyers, brochures and direct mailers allow your brand to generate extended engagement between your brand and its target audience.

Not only, does it increase engagement, but it also enables you to track what content is most viewed and visited and then use that data to create more relevant campaigns in the future.

Similar to QR codes, Personalized URLs are extremely measurable and enable you to track not only what content is most popular, but exactly who is interested in the content you’re sharing.  Just as with the information collected through QR Code landing pages, you can collect the pURL landing page data and create more personalized messages in the future.

Including pURLs and QR codes can help your brand increase engagement, increase your message’s frequency and ultimately build a stronger database for future marketing campaigns.

Finally, with email inboxes filling up with brand messages and a banner ad on almost every website, consumers are becoming numb to digital messages – print messages help to break through this digital clutter and command their attention.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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