What’s the Benefit of VDP?

Variable Data Printing allows a marketer to print different, personalized messages more efficiently and cost-effectively.  Variable Data Printing is more than just a personalized name or even message — VDP offers the ability to use different pictures and graphics as well — allowing your message to be visually appealing to your core audience and coincide with the personalized message.

Through VDP, your personalized messages can trigger more emotional responses from your audience and because many purchases are made as a result of emotional impulse, you’re more likely to receive a response from the recipient.  In fact, personalized direct mail has shown to increase your campaign’s overall ROI by an average of 33 percent.

Furthermore, personalized marketing is more than just beneficial to your campaign’s bottom line, individualized messages help to build customer relationships and ensure repeat purchases and consumer loyalty.  Because your messages are useful and relevant to the recipient they’re not only more likely to pay attention and respond to that particular message, but they’re more likely to value your future communications as well.

Finally, in addition to building relationships and increasing your campaign’s response rates, VDP also decreases your campaign’s overall costs.  By sending more targeted and relevant messages to fewer people you’re able to eliminate the cost of sending to individuals who would not have interest in that particular offer based on their past purchases or demographic information.   Instead of sending multiple, mass messages to your entire database, you’re able to send fewer, relevant message to different segments of your target audience — reducing your overall marketing investment.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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