What’s the Value of Cross Media Marketing?

According to an article, “Measuring the Effectiveness of Cross Media Marketing,” Brand awareness grows from print and online media — 44 and 37 percent respectively.  By incorporating the two mediums, your campaign will see a higher response rate.  Additionally, two “Print in the Mix” studies showed that cross media campaigns can see over 33 percent higher response rates than campaigns that only use one or two communication methods.  Furthermore, personalized cross media marketing will see an average of a 50 percent increase when compared to generic marketing campaigns.

To personalize your cross media campaign focus on the customer, not the product. A deep understanding of your target audience is necessary to create a strong and effective cross media campaign.  Using database management and automated  marketing systems you’re able to segment, sort, analyze and create unique messages that will most likely entice your target audience to respond to your message.

Not only can your personalized cross media campaigns increase response rates and overall ROI, it can also serve as an avenue to collect more information about your target audience to create even stronger, more targeted messages in the future.

Overall cross media campaigns will generate higher ROI, increase your brand’s reach and frequency, strengthen your consumer database, engage your target audience for longer time periods and ultimately build your brand.  How have you seen success with cross media marketing?

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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