What’s the Value of Print?

Print is powerful and Print Drives Online Sales. While some shoppers like the convenience of ordering online, recent studies have shown that a consumer will spend 13% more if they received a catalog associated with the online site first, before going online to shop.  A catalog lead costs just about $47, while an email lead will register at about $54 per lead.  This is due in part because the response rate to a direct mail piece is three times higher than email.

These statistics prove that when you combine print and digital media together, they create multiple touch points with your audience, increasing its reach and frequency.  By communicating with your target audience through multiple channels, you can ensure that your message is being heard.

Furthermore, according to the “Value of Print” campaign, marketers reported that combining print and digital media together to reach consumers through multiple touch point increases their response rates, 76 percent of Marketers felt this to be a true statement.

Consumer’s want print.   “Value of Print’ statistics showed that 90 percent of people who responded to a Nielsen study reported that they like to receive promotions and special offers from brands via direct mail.

Finally, 39 percent of the people who are referred to a brand’s website by a printed marketing message will make a purchase.  Print is powerful and print is effective.  Print and digital, when combined together, will show your brand’s campaign larger ROI and higher response rates.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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