What’s the Value of pURLs and QR Codes?

Using interactive print allows a brand to break through the clutter of a person’s life and engage them with an interactive message.  Print and digital media, when combined together to create a cross media marketing campaign, can offer extremely high consumer response rates.

Over 60 percent of online brand searches were initiated due to a printed message.  Furthermore, when you combine new technologies, such as QR codes and pURLs, you’re able to offer the recipient quicker, easier ways to get to your digital message.

Personalization remains one of the most important ingredients in a cross media marketing mix.  By targeting a precise group of people with an individualized message you are able to cut your overall costs and  increase response rates because you’re communicating information that is most likely relevant to your consumer.

To achieve personalized messages, you should start by segmenting your target audience into small subgroups and use Variable Data Printing or VDP to print messages that are unique and relevant to your customer.  To further enhance your personalized print message, use a personalized URL.  By using VDP to print personalized URLs, you’re not only able to communicate individualized printed messages, but you’re also able to engage your recipient on a personalized digital landing page of the user’s pURL.

Furthermore, personalized URLs allow you to track exactly who is using their pURL and what they are clicking on within the pURL.  Collecting and analyzing this data enables you to follow up with each user according to what information they showed the most interest in within their pURL.

Through the use of databases, both your print and digital messages can be unique to the small segment of the target audience you’re communicating with.  Your messages should also complement each other as well.  Your print message can act as a “teaser message,” offering just enough information to entice your target audience to want more.  Using a QR code or a pURL you can offer an easy way for your consumer to be transferred from your printed piece to your digital message for more information.

When print and digital media are combined together, they create multiple touch points with your audience, increasing its reach and frequency.  By communicating with your target audience through multiple channels, you can ensure that your message is being heard.  With print offering a high read and open rate and digital offering a long consumer engagement rate, you can expect to see more consumer responses and ultimately a higher return on your marketing investments.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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