Why Personalized Marketing?

We discuss the power of personalized marketing frequently here at Dispatch5.o — how it can reduce overall marketing costs, increase response rates and create better customer relationships with your brand.  Today, we’re sharing with you statistics that show personalized marketing is a powerful tool to use when reaching out to your target audience.

According to a Blog.MailPrint.org article, “Personalized Marketing:  What You Need to Know!” 61 percent of people say that they will feel more positively about a brand if they’ve been contacted by the brand with personalized messages.  This goes back to people being more willing to make a purchase from a brand that they know and recognize.

Additionally, the article also sites that 44 percent of people feel they are less likely to respond to a non-personalized marketing message.  While 53 percent of people stated they’d be more likely to make a purchase if they received personalized communication from a brand or company.

Finally, building consumer trust and relationships will ultimately have a positive impact on their decision of whether or not to make a purchase from your company.  If a consumer trusts you, they probably love your company, brand, and products or services and may not even know it. By gaining their trust, you’re more likely to gain their business.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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