Why Print Will Thrive in 2013

Everyday it seems like there is some new form of digital communication; the new iPad, iPhone or tablet make splashes all over the news media, but in the case of marketing, it’s not about what’s new, it’s about what’s unique.  And as digital messages become more and more of a frequent commodity to consumers, printed messages are actually more unique, personal and are now fewer in number when compared to the digital clutter.  In today’s market printed messages don’t have to battle for the consumer’s attention as much as digital messages are required to do, which is one of the reasons why printed messages read and response rates have increased over the past decade.

Additionally, print is still a little more exciting.  Not convinced?  Reporters have quoted that they struggle to secure interviews when it’s just for an online edition of an article, but when it is mentioned it will be a printed feature, the interviewee’s interest spikes and they become more willing to participate in an interview.  Perhaps, this goes back to our earlier blog post about how people feel print is more official and trustworthy.

Reading a printed messages is like a vacation from your constant connection to the online world.  Print has the ability to capture the undivided attention of it’s reader because of its tangibility and less frequent demand’s for the consumer’s attention.  More and more people enjoy the moments of freedom from the mobile devices.  

In addition, print is easier to read.  Studies show that people not only prefer reading a printed message over a digital message, but it also shows people have the ability to read 25 percent faster.  Furthermore, a printed message is more likely to be retained.  In a study, about 67 percent of people could remember a printed message, while only 11 percent could remember a brand and its message via online messages such as banner ads and emails.

There is power in print.  There is power in digital media.  The key is to use a combination of both to ensure engagement between brand and consumer and to continue to have your brand be top-of-mind throughout your target audience.  Next week we will discuss how Cross Media Marketing can play a key role in enhancing your marketing tactics and increasing your response rates and overall return on investments.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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